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Focus on consumer, promoting progression among cannabis social issues

NORML affiliate chapters are on-the-ground advocates that help push for marijuana law reform in their local city or town. NORML chapters and members are the hands, feet, eyes, ears, and heart of the marijuana reform movement around the country since 1970.

Even though more states have begun to legalize adult-use and medicinal marijuana doesn’t mean our work is done; cannabis consumers are still being penalized and discriminated against in a number of ways. Even with the implementation of marijuana programs, cannabis consumer rights protections have not caught up to speed. This is why we consider ourselves “cannabis consumer rights activists”, if we don’t advocate, who will?

Some important issues we are seeking remedies for:

  • Criminal justice reform; including expungements, record sealing and exoneration for nonviolent marijuana offenses
  • Public places that consumers & tourists can legally consume marijuana
  • Lowering taxes and ensuring proper distribution thereof
  • A regulatory system that allows for the home cultivation of cannabis
  • Removal of marijuana as a condition that allows CPS & Family Courts to remove children from the home of a responsible cannabis user
  • Expanding the rights of licensed Cannabis patients
  • An equitable and inclusive emerging industry
  • Ending workplace discrimination & educating employers on effective drug testing policies
  • Encouraging candidates in to voice their positions on cannabis policy reform



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