Smoke the Vote

As we approach the election cycle, it is crucial that our friends, family, and neighbors know which candidates have voted the ‘right way’ on cannabis issues so that those of us who care about marijuana policy reform may cast our votes accordingly. NORML’s newly launched election tool provides our supporters with an easy and convenient way to assist in our fight for reform through making educated decisions about candidates.

We’ve seen more candidates and elected officials than ever before express their support for marijuana policy reform. Unfortunately, there are still far too many politicians clinging to the ‘reefer madness’ of a bygone era. That is why NORML wants you to not only be an informed cannabis consumer, but we also need you and hundreds-of-thousands of others to be informed cannabis voters.

You can learn where your state and federal candidates stand on the issue of marijuana freedom with NORML’s  Smoke the Vote: NORML’s 2020 voter guide and candidate scorecard.

Stay tuned for more Smoke the Vote updates statewide. Register to vote here (




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